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Interim Guidance for the prohibited use of certain telecommunication equipment or services by Federal Contractors

Starting August 13, 2020, Section 889(a)(1)(B) of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act comes into effect. It prohibits businesses with federal contracts from using telecommunication and video surveillance equipment or services provided by certain Chinese companies[1] as an essential or substantial part of any system (“Prohibited Technology”). Notably, use of the Prohibited Technology does not need to relate to the services or equipment that the contractor is providing to the government.

2021-07-05T16:48:11+00:00August 6, 2020|

Pittsburgh HVAC Contractor Expands Its Florida Operations

One of Pittsburgh’s largest mechanical contractors recently closed on the purchase of a strategic business located in Tampa, Florida, expanding the company’s mid-Atlantic and East Coast operations. Stonecipher partners Ron Roteman and Beau Beard represented the buyer.

2021-07-05T16:49:57+00:00July 17, 2020|

Conneaut Lake Chapter 11 Plan Confirmed

After 20 months in an aggressively contested chapter 11 case, key constituents found the means to compromise and gave Conneaut Lake Park a chance to shine as one of the last remaining vintage amusement parks.

2021-07-05T16:56:07+00:00August 1, 2017|

B Entities: Accountability and Transparency

B Corporations and Benefit Organizations are businesses that make a public commitment to a positive impact on society and the environment while generating shareholder returns. These businesses are held to higher standards of accountability and transparency. It is this accountability and transparency that help investors and customers see below the surface and beyond appearances into the company’s business practices.

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125 First Avenue: A Historical Landmark

125 First Avenue is a three-story yellow brick and stone masonry structure with a flat roof that occupies the entire lot of ground at the northeast corner of First Avenue and Chancery Way. Over the doorway, is a raised circular medallion on which the letters “A”, “B”, and “C” interlock.

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